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By Gregory McNamee

Following the version of the medieval Latin bestiaries, Gregory McNamee has written a publication instantly naturalistic, folkloristic, and literary, made from brief essays on forty-three animals of the world’s deserts. those essays speak about the creatures as they're and as they're imagined, and produce their common lives and histories vividly to the web page.

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He would take some of them to his mother to show her he had really visited the home of the Great Birds. Bat Woman hid from him the fact that she had lost the soft feathers, by keeping her basket closed. Older Brother turned south to begin his long journey home but looked back to see Bat Woman wending her way home on a dim path that led through a dry lake bed which was overgrown with yellow flowers. He warned her not to go through the bushes which had grown on the old lake bed, but she pretended not to hear him and continued on her way.

The logic of those winds seems to have prompted evolution to make a few alterations in the master plan; recently, biologists have concluded that camels, strange creatures to begin with, evolved so that, standing, they can clear the sand-laden zone of air, which goes up only to about six feet, slightly lower than the average camel's height. Other creatures, such as the antelope-like saiga of Central Asia and certain kinds of desert hares, have filtering tissues surrounding their respiratory tracts that give them the same adaptive advantage.

The state's main defenses against the ants are inspectors who check trucks at border stations and examine nursery stock from infested states. The inspectors found fire ants on 28 shipments in the first five months of 1995 and on 304 shipments in 1994. Infested cargos other than nursery have included computers, swing sets and frozen chickens. Page 6 Fire ants are capable of doing more economic damage than another stinging insect, the Africanized honeybee, also called the killer bee, which spread into the state in 1993.

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