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By Morgan Drake

Chicago is invaded via a common sexual invader made up our minds to create soreness which thrills, to force the unsuspecting right into a pulsating rhythm of an intimate stumble upon. this can be a first in lust and beautiful torment.

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Later they went to a place called Nana where near-naked girls strutted their stuff on stage and a man could take his pick. On the plane, he had told her what he meant by group sex. It would be her job to explain it to the girl once they got back to the hotel. To her surprise, he wanted to discuss with her which girl to choose. She found they had opposite tastes. He tended to go for the slightly taller, more assertive types while she liked the cute, petite ones. At the end of the day though, for him it came down to tits.

We moved all around the kitchen, shaking the table, knocking over a couple of chairs. A few times—yeah, I think it was three, but I like to believe it could have been four or five—Liana would suddenly sail us along a wall or into a corner. She’d be pinned there and suddenly thrust her hips back and forth energetically, reaching orgasm after about ten seconds. She’d clutch me by my neck, maybe pull my hair and moan in the most wonderful way, then slip into a mode of release with a deep smile. On the last corner stop, I joined in, my cock going at about five throbs a second, my semen flowing into her in full, rich jerks.

Then he’d shrug, like he wished he could have given more to that smile, but had lost it somewhere along the way. The daughter-in-law was going to be my real hurdle, the way I saw it. She was this perpetually wound-up bitch, who eyed me suspiciously whenever I crossed her path. Okay, she probably eyed everyone she came across suspiciously, she was that type. But I personalised it, as I tend to do with these things. Behind it all, I suspected that she might just be very insightful and could somehow sense how much I wanted to get my hands on Mom’s curvaceous caregiver.

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