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By Robert Owen

In his early works Owen argues that, in view that everyone is fully shaped by way of their surroundings, schooling is the the most important consider reworking them. Later he got here to undertake way more radical positions, offering not anything under 'the emancipation of mankind' and the production of a 'new ethical world', a full-scale reorganization of British society, significant reforms of operating practices and the terrible legislation and the institution of co-operative model.

Robert Owen (1771-1858) was once a Welsh social reformer and one of many founders of utopian socialism and the cooperative move. He labored within the cotton in Manchester prior to constructing a wide mill at New Lanark in Scotland.

George Claeys obtained his PhD from the college of Cambridge and is now affiliate Professor of heritage at Washington University.

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His ideas on education and freethought were long remembered. So were some of his industrial proposals and views about model town construction. The co-operative movement grew strongly after the middle of the century, even if it never came close to challenging the capitalist system. Its aims were also incorporated into the ideals of major liberal social theorists, such as John Stuart Mill. John Ruskin's ideas on just exchange were remarkably similar to Owen's, while William Morris took a considerable interest in Owen's works.

A few largely unenforceable restrictions were passed in an 1819 Act (better inspection of factories began only in 1833), and Owen was greatly disappointed. His concern deepened when another Select Committee considering the Poor Laws left him sitting for long hours in their antechamber before refusing even to take his evidence. But this only fuelled Owen's increasing conviction that the old system of poor relief, which supplemented the wages of the poor according to bread prices and the number of children per family, was wholly inadequate in the face of large-scale post-war demobilization, population growth, and industrial and commercial dislocation.

Owen's intention was that all would admire this achievement as setting the standard for the future socialist world. But such extravagance drained funds necessary for daily operations, and, by 1844, after over £40,000 had been spent, Queenwood bankrupted the Society. Control over the organization was seized that summer by a group of chiefly working-class branch delegates to the annual Owenite congress. But without fresh funds the community was doomed. It was also plagued by many of the problems that had undermined earlier experiments, notably resistance to Owen's rule, the agricultural inexperience of many artisans from the Midlands manufacturing towns, which led to the need to hire local labourers, insufficient accommodation for community members, and poor planning in general.

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