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When Dreams Came True: Classical Fairy Tales and Their Tradition, Second Edition

For hundreds of years fairy stories were a strong mode of passing cultural values onto our youngsters, and for lots of those tales satisfaction and hang-out us from cradle to grave. yet how have those tales develop into so strong and why? In whilst desires got here actual, Jack Zipes explains the social lifetime of the fairy story, from the 16th century on into the twenty-first.

Danish folktales, legends, & other stories

Danish Folktales, Legends, and different tales is a set of translated and annotated Nordic folklore that offers complete repertoires of 5 storytellers in addition to large archival fabric. the broadcast booklet provides the most compelling tales of those 5 very important storytellers in addition to ancient and biographical introductions.

The Great Yokai Encyclopaedia

Each person has heard of vampires and werewolves, yet what number have heard of the rokuro-kubi, the tsuchinoki or the sagari? Japan has a wealth of ghosts and monsters, jointly referred to as yokai, that are absolutely unknown within the West. the weird and beautiful folklore of Japan comprises titanic corpse-eating rabbits, flaming pigs that thieve human genitals, perverse water goblins, blood sucking bushes, a dragon that impregnates girls, cats who animate useless our bodies, a zombie whale and a major flesh consuming sea cucumber that grows from a couple of discarded knickers!

South Carolina Ghosts: From the Coast to the Mountains

Eighteen tales dependent upon real occasions together with the well-known grey guy of Pawley's Island, Alice of Murrells Inlet, and the hitchhiker of Hwy 107.

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Says Gazzaniga. “A bird. A sick-looking bird—but I can't do birds either,” the young man explains with a rueful smile. ’ and he fumbles for a minute and he says, ‘Baltimore oriole? ’ So you have here the separate activities represented in the drawing: the right hemisphere picks the right color pen, draws a picture of an orange, does more than you ask, and then the right hand—from the left hemisphere—comes in and turns it into a bird, and then gives you an explanation as to why you have an orange-colored bird.

But as soon as major migrations or technological revolutions occur, so that the circumstances to which the myths refer live on only in the minds of those who knew Life Before the Change, then the trouble begins. The meaning and references of the Klamath tale were quite clear to the eighty-year-old Chief Lalek, who related it. From where he sat he could still look up at the remains of the dangerous mountain. Although technology was beginning to change with the coming of the White Man, the locale at least was still the same, so his interested young listener could see the evidence and understand it too.

D) Syrian winged sun-disk on stele of god El, Ugarit, ca. C. [After Weiss 1985, fig. ] (e) Cuneiform sign originating as AN, “star, sky”, that came to signify DINGIR, “deity”. (f) “Scorpion Man” inlaid on Sumerian harp from Ur, ca. C. [After Groenwegen-Frankfort and Ashmole 1977, fig. ] 28. Johannes Kepler's Great Trigon (from preface to his Mysterium Cosmographicum [1606]). 29. , Feb. 25, from position of Athens. ] 30. M. from the latitude of Greece or California) of the Dippers and Cassiopeia around Polaris.

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