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By Adams, John; Jefferson, Thomas; Jefferson, Thomas; Ferling, John E.; Adams, John

It was once a competition of titans: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, heroes of the innovative period, as soon as intimate associates, now icy antagonists locked in a fierce conflict for the way forward for the us. The election of 1800 used to be a thunderous conflict of a crusade that climaxed in a impasse within the Electoral university and resulted in a challenge during which the younger republic teetered at the fringe of collapse.

Adams vs. Jefferson is the gripping account of a turning aspect in American heritage, a dramatic fight among events with profoundly varied visions of ways the kingdom could be ruled. The Federalists, led via Adams, have been conservatives who favourite a robust crucial govt. The Republicans, led through Jefferson, have been extra egalitarian and believed that the Federalists had betrayed the Revolution of 1776 and have been backsliding towards monarchy. The crusade itself was once a barroom brawl each piece as ruthless as any smooth contest, with mud-slinging, scare strategies, and backstabbing. The low aspect got here while Alexander Hamilton published a devastating assault on Adams, the pinnacle of his personal social gathering, in "fifty-four pages of unremitting vilification." The stalemate within the Electoral collage dragged on via dozens of ballots. Tensions ran so excessive that the Republicans threatened civil conflict if the Federalists denied Jefferson the presidency. eventually a mystery deal that modified a unmarried vote gave Jefferson the White condo. A devastated Adams left Washington earlier than sunrise on Inauguration Day, too embittered even to shake his rival's hand.

With magisterial command, Ferling brings to lifestyles either the outsize personalities and the hotly contested political questions at stake. He exhibits not only why this second used to be a milestone in U.S. heritage, yet how strongly the issues--and the passions--of 1800 resonate with our personal time

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27 What happened on Election Day would determine the length of her residency in Washington. , about 1803. This watercolor was painted by Nicholas King, a surveyor, showing the Patent Office at Eighth and E Streets on the right and the President’s House, the white structure on the knoll to the left center. If this representation is correct, farm animals and even hunters roamed the unpaved streets of the new capital. 2 “An Affection That Can Never Die” Adams and Jefferson VICE PRESIDENT JEFFERSON did not call on President Adams when he arrived in the capital late in November 1800.

His gig hurried through Charlottesville, heading almost due north past brown farms and undulating deer-colored forests. Sometime that morning he reached Gordonville, still in Albemarle County, where he paused to pay an outstanding bill at a gristmill. Then it was back on the road. The carriage gobbled up the miles, crossing into neighboring Orange County and beyond before stopping for the night. The party made more headway that day than on any subsequent day of its trek. Thereafter, in fact, the vice president moved at a snail’s pace, taking four days to pass through Culpeper, Fauquier, Prince William, and finally Fairfax County.

Presidents—United States—Election—1800. 2. Jefferson, Thomas, 1743–1826. 3. Adams, John, 1735–1826. 4. United States—Politics and government—1797–1801. I. Title: Adams versus Jefferson. II. Title. III. Series. 973′044—dc22 2004007851 1 3 5 7 9 8 6 4 2 Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper To the faculty and staff of the Irvine S. Ingram Library for years of assistance with countless projects Contents Editors’ Note List of Illustrations and Maps Preface 1 Election Eve, 1800 2 “An Affection That Can Never Die”: Adams and Jefferson 3 “Dark and Menacing Evils”: Creating the New National System, 1786–1792 4 “War on Our Own Citizens”: Partisanship, 1793–1796 5 “Quite at My Leisure”: Jefferson and Adams on the Eve of the Battle in 1796 6 “A Narrow Squeak”: The First Contested Presidential Election, 1796 7 “To Recover Self-Government”: The Partisan Inferno, 1797–1798 8 “Our Bonaparte”: Summer 1798 to Autumn 1799 9 “We Beat You by Superior Management”: Winter and Spring, 1800 10 “The Boisterous Sea of Liberty”: The Campaign of 1800 11 “The Intention of Our Fellow Citizens”: The Election of 1800 12 “Give Them the Horrors”: The House Decides the Election 13 “The Creed of Our Political Faith”: Jefferson’s Inauguration 14 Epilogue: “The Revolution of 1800” Abbreviations Notes Index Editors’ Note ON ANY SHORT LIST of pivotal moments in American history, the election of 1800 will always have a central place.

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