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By Alfred S. Posamentier

Advanced Euclidean Geometry provides a radical evaluate of the necessities of high university geometry  after which expands these thoughts to complex Euclidean geometry, to offer lecturers extra self belief in guiding pupil explorations and questions.

The textual content includes countless numbers of illustrations created within the Geometer's Sketchpad Dynamic Geometry® software program. it truly is packaged with a CD-ROM containing over a hundred interactive sketches utilizing Sketchpad™ (assumes that the consumer has entry to the program).

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P r o o f ” In quadrilateral ABCD, AD = BC. Construct perpendicular bisectors OP and OQ of sides DC and AB at points P and Q, respectively. Point N is on PO . ) Because O is a point on the perpendicular bisector of DC, DO = CO. Similarly, OA = OB. We began with AD = BC. Therefore AADO = ABCO (SSS) and mAAOD = mABOC. We can easily establish that mADOP = mACOP. By addition, mAAOP = mABOP. The supplements of these angles are also equal in measure: mAAON = mABON. But because AAOQ = ABOQ (SSS), mAAOQ = mABOQ.

Prove that points My Ny and L are collinear (see Figure 3-12). • M Let Ay By C and P, £, D be corre­ sponding vertices of AABC and AFED, Because AP, CD, and BP are concurrent (they are the altitudes of AABC), the intersections of the corre<- > <—> i ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ sponding sides DE and BC, PP and BA, and PD and CA are collinear by Desargues’s theorem. • A pedal triangle (of a given triangle) is formed by joining the feet o f the perpendiculars from any given point to the sides o f the given triangle.

During the time of its publication, Gergonne published about two hundred papers, mostly on geometry. Gergonne’s Annales played an important role in the estab­ lishment of projective and algebraic geometry by giving some of the greatest minds of the times an opportunity to share information. Here we consider a rather simple theorem established by Gergonne that exhibits concurrency and is easily proved using Ceva s theorem. 2 Q roof The lines containing a vertex of a triangle and the point of tangency of the oppo­ site side with the inscribed circle are concurrent.

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