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By Previato E. (ed.)

Our wisdom of items of algebraic geometry equivalent to moduli of curves, (real) Schubert sessions, primary teams of enhances of hyperplane preparations, toric types, and version of Hodge constructions, has been more desirable lately through rules and structures of quantum box concept, resembling reflect symmetry, Gromov-Witten invariants, quantum cohomology, and gravitational descendants.

These are a number of the issues of this refereed number of papers, which grew out of the certain consultation, "Enumerative Geometry in Physics," held on the AMS assembly in Lowell, MA, April 2000. This consultation introduced jointly mathematicians and physicists who stated at the most recent effects and open questions; all of the abstracts are incorporated as an Appendix, and in addition integrated are papers through a few who couldn't attend.

The assortment offers an outline of state of the art instruments, hyperlinks that attach classical and glossy difficulties, and the newest wisdom available.

Readership: Graduate scholars and study mathematicians drawn to algebraic geometry and similar disciplines.

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