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By Lora Leigh

Publication three within the Wolf Breeds sequence The forces of survival and destruction swirl within the darkest corners of men's minds. the character of the beast can't be harnessed, and survival is the purest of all instincts. Survival of the species itself is going soul deep. yet can the human middle settle for and adapt as simply? Can Charity bestow the affection and the popularity that has constantly been part of her, to the fellow whose very survival trusted the hardening of his middle, of his soul? and will Aiden preserve that cruelty now, within the face of the sacrifices she made? in basic terms time and nature can inform

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She suddenly grimaced as she stared around the kitchen. ” He rose to his feet and cleared the table quickly. “The government allocated us several hundred acres here as a home base. ”She nodded then. “I’d heard of it. ” She didn’t look at him, and for all her appearance of unconcern he could tell it mattered to her to see what they had accomplished. Aiden didn’t care much for the fact that it pleased him. “When you can walk comfortably, I’ll take you on a tour,” he promised her softly as he moved to her drooping body.

As far as meals went, she figured it was as close to ambrosia as she was going to get. She couldn’tremembering anything tasting as good in years. The milk was bitingly cold and eased the terrible dryness in her throat, while the food eased at least part of the cramps in her stomach. html She had just finished the small meal and placed her dishes in the sink to wash when a light knock sounded on the door and it opened slowly. ”A female voice called out, and Charity watched in surprised as two women walked into the front room.

Aiden narrowed his eyes, watching the other man intently. He had never known Wolfe to issue an order he didn’t agree with. Never known the other man to ask of others what he would not do himself. But this, Aiden would not consider. “She is my mate,” he snarled, his body hardening, tightening at the thought of her unclaimed status. ” Wolfe sighed. “Unfortunately you are right, Aiden. But it is not for you to choose for her. Our very survival depends on our ability to breed. Hope and Faith are in constant arousal now, their bodies no longer their own, their sexuality no longer theirs to control.

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