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By Spencer Bloch, Igor V. Dolgachev, William Fulton

Contents: V.A. Alexeev: Theorems approximately stable divisors on log Fano types (case of index r >n - 2).- D. Arapura: Fano maps and basic groups.- A. Bertram, L. Ein, R. Lazarsfeld: Surjectivity of Gaussian maps for line bundles of enormous measure on curves.- V.I. Danilov: De Rham advanced on toroidal variety.- I. Dolgachev, I. Reider: On rank 2 vector bundles with c21 = 10 and c2 = three on Enriques surfaces.- V.A.Iskovskih: in the direction of the matter of rationality of conic bundles.- M.M. Kapranov: On DG-modules over the De Rham complicated and the vanishing cycles functor.- G. Kempf: extra on computing invariants.- G. Kempf: potent tools in invariant theory.- V.A. Kolyvagin: at the constitution of the Shafarevich-Tate groups.- Vic.S. Kulikov: at the primary team of the supplement of a hypersurface in Cn.- B. Moishezon, M. Teicher: Braid crew process in complicated geometry, II: from preparations of strains and conics to cuspidal curves.- D.Yu. Nogin: Notes on unprecedented vector bundles and helices.- M. Saito: Hodge conjecture and combined explanations II.- C. Seeley, S. Yau: Algebraic tools within the research of simple-elliptic singularities.- R. Smith, R. Varley: Singularity conception utilized to ***- divisors.- A.N. Tyurin: A moderate generalization of the concept of Mehta- Ramanathan.- F.L. Zak: a few houses of twin kinds and their functions in projective geometry.- Yu.G. Zarhin: Linear irreducible Lie algebras and Hodge constructions.

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And using Remark assertion is the [2]. k >k+l. Suppose that Sk+IXCY and Z=SkX. assumption the Theorem is true for the pair (x,YUZ). Induction step: By inductive Since dimZ

And organized of such Let X' Y. all p,q. 5. the for Lemma. is an e n l a r g i n g of Y. 9). with (Z, Z A Y ) toroidal then it Z. is t r u e (X, Y). Proof. 7) 0 If More is a first = Hq(X,nTX,y )) left-hand right-hand , Hc(X\Y,C ) . If the Theorem simpler". 8 we see that take any smooth m o d i f i c a t i o n If t h e conditional (X,Y). Then The be If the Hq(X ' , n T x , , Y , ) ) for "slightly operations. be a toroidal of From P r o p o s i t i o n coincide. two will be c o m p a r e d with in the following two lemmas.

In this note we will study rank 2 vector bundles E on S with Cl(E) = A and c2(E) = 3, where A is an ample divisor on S with A~ = i0. If A is a Reye polarization, we may assume that S lies in the Grassmann variety G(2,4) in its Plficker embedding. Then an example of such a bundle is the restriction of the universal quotient bundle on G(2,4). One of the motivation for this work was to verify whether this bundle is stable. The formula for the dimension of the moduli space of stable vector bundles shows that one expects the existence of at most finitely many isomorphisms classes of stable E's as above.

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