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By Y. Choquet-Bruhat, C. DeWitt-Morette

Twelve difficulties were additional to the 1st variation; 4 of them are vitamins to difficulties within the first variation. The others care for concerns that experience turn into very important, because the first variation of quantity II, in fresh advancements of assorted components of physics. all of the difficulties have their foundations in quantity 1 of the 2-Volume set research, Manifolds and Physics. it will were prohibitively pricey to insert the recent difficulties at their respective locations. they're grouped jointly on the finish of this quantity, their logical position is indicated by way of a few parenthesis following the name.

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Ld) Give a representation of cC+(n,m) and Spin(n, m) by 2p-1 x 2 p-1 matrices. Answer 1a: We choose a representation of ~'(n, m) on C 2p by gamma matrices and set = rl . . ru. is a representative of a spinor-cospinor (p. 418), invariant under a change of spin flames because it anticommutes with the gamma matrices for d even and thus commutes with even products. A - I ~ A -- ~, A e Spin(n, m). Answer 1b" We have is transposition and complex conjugation, SO We know [cf. Problem 1 4, Clifford w that ~2 -- ( - - l ) P + n l l 2 p ; thus the image of kse with k 2 - ( - 1 ) n+p by the homomorphism ~ is the parity operator P -- -11; it preserves the orientation since n 4- m is even, hence P e SO(n, m) and st e Spin(n, m).

Pin(n, m) is not necessarily isomorphic to Pin(m, n). Answer 3a: In Problem I 4, Clifford, we have computed ~ ( 0 , 1) and %~ The generators of Pin+(1) are 11 and Y such t h a t y 2 _ -4-1. Their multiplication tables are y Y -11 -y ~[ y ly y ~t -2 -y -y -~ It y __11 y "1 --y Pin (0, 1) = Pin + (1) -y 11 y -It -y y -11 - y 11 -1l - y ~l y -y ~t y -~t Pin(l, O) _= P i n - (1) Pin + 26 I. REVIEW OF FUNDAMENTAL NOTIONS OF ANALYSIS ~'2 X 7/2 and 7/4, which are identical to the multiplication tables of respectively.

Artin, Geometric Algebra (lnterscience, New York, 1957). F. Atiyah, R. Bott and A. Shapiro, "Clifford Modules", "Topology", Vol. 3, Sup. 1, (1964) pp. 3-38. 1Note that the sign of the solution depends on the choice of sign for the Clifford algebra, and the choice between L a B/-'B and L B A FB. 12. COMPACT SPACES 39 M. Berg, C. DeWitt-Morette, S. Gwo and E. Kramer, "The Pin groups in Physics: C, P and T" (to be published). M. Cahen, S. Gutt, L. Lemaire and P. Spindel, "Killing spinors". Bulletin de la Soci6t6 Math6matique de Belgique, XXXVIII (1986) 75-102.

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