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When Dreams Came True: Classical Fairy Tales and Their Tradition, Second Edition

For hundreds of years fairy stories were a strong mode of passing cultural values onto our youngsters, and for lots of those tales satisfaction and hang-out us from cradle to grave. yet how have those tales develop into so strong and why? In while goals got here real, Jack Zipes explains the social lifetime of the fairy story, from the 16th century on into the twenty-first.

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Each person has heard of vampires and werewolves, yet what number have heard of the rokuro-kubi, the tsuchinoki or the sagari? Japan has a wealth of ghosts and monsters, jointly known as yokai, that are absolutely unknown within the West. the unusual and beautiful folklore of Japan contains big corpse-eating rabbits, flaming pigs that thieve human genitals, perverse water goblins, blood sucking timber, a dragon that impregnates ladies, cats who animate useless our bodies, a zombie whale and an incredible flesh consuming sea cucumber that grows from a couple of discarded knickers!

South Carolina Ghosts: From the Coast to the Mountains

Eighteen tales dependent upon genuine occasions together with the well-known grey guy of Pawley's Island, Alice of Murrells Inlet, and the hitchhiker of Hwy 107.

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77] In that sense, at least, the ruler is the equivalent of the rain. Both are sent by the gods, both are necessary parts of the framework within which the common man can sustain his life, and thus both are prerequisites for the life of ― 22 ― culture. The Quiché Maya creation myth embodied in the Popol Vuh is both fascinating and instructive in this regard since even though it is a post-Conquest document recording Postclassic beliefs, it clearly relates rain and rulers, sustenance and governance in its delineation of the creation of humanity, which is, of course, essentially a definition of what it means to be human.

At the succeeding levels of complexity, other items are added to the mask. The first of these is a headband with symbolic markings which covers whatever eyebrows the figure might be imagined to have. Perhaps attached to this headband are elaborate wavy ear coverings, which are long and narrow and similar to those often depicted in Aztec art, the design of which might well suggest water. Such a combination of headband and ear coverings is worn by the child held by the Las Limas figure (pl. 3), a primary image of Rain God CJ, as well as by an iconographically equivalent standing figure holding a child now in the Brooklyn Museum and can also be seen on several carved celts from the Olmec heartland.

88] The Olmec altars, then, symbolically link Olmec rulers to the provision of rain from the realm of the spirit, the entrance to which is represented by the niche in the altar symbolizing simultaneously the were-jaguar mouth and the cave. Thus, in an almost literal sense, the altars were "masks" placed on the earth to allow the ritual entrance into the world of the spirit from which the power wielded by the temporal ruler must ultimately flow. That power was legitimized by virtue of its emergence, through the mask, from the world of the spirit.

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