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By Lily White

Phrases are humorous things.

Their that means, the images they paint within the minds of these that pay attention them: they’re now not consistently an identical and to me a minimum of, that makes them meaningless.
Take for example the word ‘black widow’. these phrases conjure just like a spider, an eight-legged creature with the crimson imprint of an hourglass on its abdomen.
However, rather than conversing of an arachnid, of the resident of a spindly and dew-laden internet, the folks who whisper these phrases are speaking approximately anything a lot different.

They’re speaking approximately me.

From what I’m informed, I’m referred to as the Black Widow simply because no guy I’ve ever enjoyed has survived.
Yet, i've got no reminiscence of any of it.
My new domestic leads me to the definition of one other imprecise and meaningless word.

It’s a spot the place I’m purported to search refuge.

A position of retreat and security.
It’s a spot the place I’m imagined to be saved secure simply because I’m sick.
But the definition for this position is inaccurate and the note turns into meaningless while you’re tucked away and made silent via medicines and lovely white jackets.
My identify is Alexandra Sutton and this can be the tale of what occurred whilst i used to be imprisoned inside of an Asylum.

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No way was Montez going to touch Eve, he’d make sure of it. Speaking of which… Oh, fuck. ” Harry stood up so suddenly his chair thudded against the floor. Sam’s red eyes turned his way. ” “She’s gone. ” It pulsed through Harry in one electric moment of understanding. Eve had run out. Something had spooked her—something they’d said, something they’d done—and she’d run. Eve was now in the wind, with Gerald fucking Montez after her. Every hair on Harry’s body stood up. He could feel the hairs on his forearms scraping against the stiff cotton of his dress shirt.

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The boss started coming over and I hid behind a pillar and slid away. I needed to think about it, because the whole story rang really true. ” Harry was watching her, trying to concentrate on her words instead of the timbre of her voice, feeling slightly light in the head. Maybe this woman was like one of those sirens in Greek mythology, whose voices alone were so enchanting they made sailors crash into rocks. Jesus, he wouldn’t be surprised. ” She huffed out a breath and got a closer clutch onto her backpack, nervous system tightening up.

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