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By Theodora Lau

''By filling one's head rather than one's pocket, one can't be robbed.''

The attraction of chinese language proverbs is profound and common. With brevity, readability, and ease, those rigorously selected phrases aid move knowledge and perception through the a long time. This undying, eloquent choice of proverbs bargains basic truths concerning the flora and fauna and the human , on matters similar to:

skill • Adversity • attractiveness • personality • clash Cooperation • Deception • Defeat • Fortune • Greed • Happiness Honor • concept • wisdom • management • Love Moderation • Necessity • acquaintances • Obstinacy • chance Perseverance • delight • Sincerity • process • good fortune notion • belief • Victory • knowledge • And extra

''With our innovations we needs to construct our world.''

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19 B e s t- L o v e d Chi ne s e P r o v e r b s One sings, all follow. An expression that means everyone is in agreement. ~ A cloth is not woven from a single thread. ~ A bridge is not built from one piece of wood. ~ We cannot clap with only one hand. ~ Each person equals a grain of sand, but an army is like a block of gold. 20 C ourtesy C ourtesy q Courtesy is the mark of a civilized person. ~ Kindness is the best quality of the soul. ~ Follow the good and learn their ways. ~ Keeping company with the wicked is like living in a fish market: one becomes used to the foul odor.

A wolf may lose its fangs, but not its inclinations. 14 C haracter q There is no poverty where there is character, and no wealth or honor where character is missing. ~ One who has character has courage. ~ Fortunes may rise and fall and kingdoms may tumble, but one’s character never changes. True change in a person is very rare. ~ Where there is character, ugliness becomes beauty; where there is no character, beauty becomes ugliness. 15 C ompromise q One who would pick the roses must bear with the thorns.

If one takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand. ~ Do not hasten to rejoice at someone’s departure until you see his replacement. ~ To avoid misunderstanding, start small. Communicate early and often when working on a complicated project. 46 F ortune F ortune q What first appears as a calamity may later bring good fortune. Fortune may surprise you—do not be quick to quit a difficult situation. ~ The tide must reach its lowest before it turns. ~ Look to your enemy for a chance to succeed.

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