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0 via three different routers: RTC, RTD and RTB. 2 Page 41 Sam Halabi-cisco Systems RTD are in AS300 and RTB is in AS400. Assume that we have set the metric coming from RTC to 120, the metric coming from RTD to 200 and the metric coming from RTB to 50. Given that by default a router compares metrics coming from neighbors in the same AS, RTA can only compare the metric coming from RTC to the metric coming from RTD and will pick RTC as the best next hop because 120 is less than 200. When RTA gets an update from RTB with metric 50, he can not compare it to 120 because RTC and RTB are in different ASs (RTA has to choose based on some other attributes).

When an update enters the AS with a certain metric, that metric is used for decision making inside the AS. When the same update is passed on to a third AS, that metric will be set back to 0 as shown in the above diagram. The Metric default value is 0. Unless otherwise specified, a router will compare metrics for paths from neighbors in the same AS. In order for the router to compare metrics from neighbors coming from different ASs the special configuration command “bgp always-compare-med” should be configured on the router.

0). 0 only and NOT the more specific route then we would have to use the following: aggregate-address address mask summary-only This will a advertise the prefix only; all the more specific routes are suppressed. 0. 0 on RTB) then the network entry is always injected into BGP updates even though we are using the “aggregate summary-only” command. The upcoming CIDR example discusses this situation. 2 Page 59 Sam Halabi-cisco Systems aggregate-address address mask as-set This advertises the prefix and the more specific routes but it includes as-set information in the path information of the routing updates.

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