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By Rick Emmer

Many of us think a massive ape inhabits the yankee Northwest. referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, this beast is likely one of the hottest of all cryptids. See how scientists study the main well-known sightings of this extraordinary animal, together with the main debatable come upon of all: Roger Patterson's 1967 Bigfoot movie from Bluff Creek, California. In Bigfoot: truth or Fiction?, stick with the footprint path of the Yeti of the Himalayas and the Australian Yowie, Bigfoot's relations from far away lands. This attention-grabbing booklet offers the proof so readers can make a decision for themselves even if those creatures exist within the genuine international or in the event that they easily dwell within the human mind's eye.

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This silverback gorilla, like all gorillas, is more comfortable walking on all fours rather than walking on two feet. Capturing Bigfoot . . on Film 47 an impressive IM of 134. 34 times longer than its legs. What about Patty? Computer animator Reuben Steindorf carefully studied the way Patty’s limbs moved up and down, back and forth, and pinpointed as accurately as he could the locations of all the arm and leg joints. This allowed him to estimate arm and leg lengths. It turns out that Patty had an IM of 88, a value quite a bit higher than the human IM of 70.

Case #2: The Minnesota Iceman In the winter of 1968, barely 14 months after Roger Patterson filmed Patty, zoologists Ivan Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans traveled to visit Frank Hansen in frigid 54 The Frozen Corpse 55 Minnesota. Hansen was in charge of a most unusual carnival exhibit there: Within the protected walls of a special casket were the remains of a naked, hairy, humanlike beast, literally frozen in time. The hairy corpse was trapped within a huge block of ice that completely filled the casket.

Morris explained to Long how he manufactured his gorilla costumes, and he explained how to make the costume’s arms longer than its wearer’s arms. This could be done by inserting sticklike extensions down into the sleeves, attaching the costume’s black gorilla-hand gloves to the extensions, and then rolling the furry sleeves down to hide the sticks. The result? Extra-long arms. Morris also explained that by inserting football shoulder pads underneath the costume fabric, the costume’s shoulders could be raised above the wearer’s shoulders, making the arms appear even longer.

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