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By William A. Dodge

To traveling geologists Black Rock, New Mexico, is a basaltic escarpment and a terrific normal laboratory. To clinic staff Black Rock is a picturesque position to become profitable. To the Zuni the mesas, arroyos, and the rock itself are a level on which the eagerness in their elders is relived. William A. avoid ex-plores how a shared feel of position evolves through the years and during multi-ple cultures that declare the panorama. via tales instructed over many generations, this panorama has given the Zuni an understand-ing of ways they got here to be during this global. extra lately, paleogeographers have studied the rocks and landforms to higher comprehend the realm because it as soon as was once. Archaeologists have performed study on ancestral Zuni websites within the neighborhood of Black Rock to discover the cultural background of the area. furthermore, the Anglo-American staff of the Bureau of Indian Affairs got here to Black Rock to strengthen the federal Indian coverage of assimilation and taken with them their very own feel of position. Black Rock has been an academic advanced, an corporation city, and an Anglo group. this day it's a healthiness care heart, advertisement sector, and multiethnic subdivision. through describing the dramatic alterations that came about at Black Rock through the 20th century, sidestep deftly weaves a narrative of the way the cultural panorama of this group mirrored alterations in govt coverage and the way the Zunis themselves, throughout the coverage of Indian self-determination, ultimately gave new meanings to this old panorama. William A. sidestep is a cultural historian at Van Citters old upkeep LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has labored for over thirty years in southwestern cultural assets and used to be director of the Zuni Archaeology application on the Pueblo of Zuni.

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This result is far in the future, however, and the Zuni landscape must undergo many transformations. Pangea’s movement caused a series of deformations of the earth’s surface on all sides of the region. 3 This mountain-building activity produced a low-lying basin in the Zuni region which collected a large volume of sediments from the surrounding mountains and highlands. At the same time, volcanic ash and rock fragments spewed forth from an arc of volcanoes located to the west and were carried eastward by the predominately westerly winds, eventually falling to the ground at Zuni.

Lo! they [ 27 ] [ 28 ] A P L A C E O F L A N D F O R M S , I M A G I N AT I O N , A N D S P I R I T U A L I T Y are seen in the mountains to this day; and in the trails of those fierce waters cool rivers now run, and where monsters perished lime of their bones (áluwe, calcareous nodules in malpais or volcanic tuff) we find, and use in food stuff! Gigantic were they, for their forms little and great were often burned or shriveled and contorted into stone. Seen are these, also, along the depths of the world.

Thus, the question becomes: How have the people at Black Rock perceived it and given meaning to it? How is perception and meaning contextualized within the concept of place? PERCEIVING PLACE If, as the anthropologist Keith Basso reminds us, places are what people make of them and place-making is a dynamic process, then how do we go about making sense of these objects of awareness? What is our knowledge base for perceiving and understanding place? Casey writes, “There is no knowing or sensing of place except by being in that place, and to be in a place is to be in a position to perceive it”.

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