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By Nigel Suckling

Nigel Suckling, one of many most advantageous experts on unicorns, leprechauns, and angels, has constructed a style for blood. Book of the Vampire is a stimulating and chilling examine world-wide and ages-old myths approximately blood-sucking creatures. The bills diversity from South America’s Chupacabras to Malaysia’s penanggalan, whose disembodied flying heads terrified believers. Suckling starts his inquiry with Bram Stoker, whose vintage Dracula revived a flagging curiosity between Victorians for based hosts with curious appetites. The publication digs deep into Stoker’s affects from historical cultures, together with the lamia and the succubus myths from Rome, Greece, and the center East, and likewise examines vampire myths from a religious standpoint. Bruce Pennington, a widely known and intensely well known myth artist, contributes stunning illustrations that give a contribution to the Vampire attraction.

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Of the VA M P I R E of the VA M P I R E Nigel Suckling Original Illustrations by Bruce Pennington AAPPL Dedicated to Thomas Casey Esq. of Friarstown, Co Westmeath BOOK OF THE VAMPIRE Nigel Suckling Illustrations by Bruce Pennington Published by Facts, Figures & Fun An imprint of AAPPL Artists’ and Photographers’ Press Ltd. com USA & Canada Sterling Publishing Inc. com Copyright © AAPPL Artists’ and Photographers’ Press Ltd 2008 Tex t c o p y r i g h t © N i g e l S u c k l i n g 2 0 0 8 Illustrations copyright © Bruce Pennington 2008 All rights reserved.

Moreover, she had come to be the General’s guest in very similar circumstances, giving her name as Millarca. The General immediately grasps what is going on and, finding herself recognized, Carmilla disappears. The local authorities are roused and, after various dramas, everyone converges on the Karnstein cemetery nearby where, after a search through the Gothic ruins, the lost tomb of the supposedly long dead Countess Karnstein is discovered. The description of what follows might have been (and probably was) taken word for word from one of the many published accounts of vampire hunting in Eastern Europe in the eighteenth century: ‘The grave of the Countess Mircalla was opened; and the General and my father recognized each his perfidious and beautiful guest in the face now disclosed to view.

Then both publishers hit the rocks, as they regularly seem to do, and nothing came of either project. C’est la vie. The Summers précis was at least paid for, which was some compensation. I posted it on my website as Montague Summers’ Guide to Vampires and curiously enough it attracts more correspondence than anything else, having been quoted in academic theses at least three times to my knowledge – most recently in 2003 by Estelle Valls de Gomis in her magnificent doctoral thesis (a copy of which I have sitting on the shelf above me as I write this) titled Le Vampire au Fils des Siecles submitted at Toulouse University.

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