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By Francis Edward Abernethy

In addition to recollections of trapping and looking within the monstrous Bend of West Texas throughout the Twenties and Thirties, this Texas Folklore Society ebook incorporates a heretofore unpublished open air comic strip by means of J. Frank Dobie on deer looking and a section by means of Bertha McKee Dobie on Frank’s curiosity in grasses. Elmer Kelton, Joyce Roach, and Robert Flynn take a funny examine their paintings and hometowns, and Kenneth Davis tells stories of souls departing their our bodies. There are essays at the bounty of the tables of the sooner settlers, and the state’s ethnic heritages during the German Volksfest in Brenham. The folk-song scholarship of Dorothy Scarborough, the artwork of Ben Mead, a glance at felony language, and lots more and plenty extra are incorporated during this bountiful book.

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