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When you are new to development a excessive functionality computing device or wish additional information at the domestic theater functions then is the publication for you. bear in mind that this ebook doesn't provide intensive assurance of media middle software program.

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That’s where you’ll find the most information, vital statistics, tips, and suggestions for researching, selecting, purchasing, installing, and troubleshooting PC components. Here, you’re looking at a fairly generic homebrew desktop PC. In other words, it’s stocked with the basic components that any PC typically includes but not the full complement of components that some PCs could include. In the next chapter, you’ll see what kinds of components must be added to a generic PC to turn it into a Home Theater PC (HTPC).

What the screen can’t show is that it was captured on a television screen, not a computer monitor. There’s no real sense of scale from the image, but it reads very well from across the room. A typical computer user sits no more than 30 inches away from most monitors and is often closer; a typical entertainment center user sits at least 48 inches away from most TV sets and is often further away. Microsoft uses very large characters and created a special font to make MCE menus and selections as easy as possible to read.

It’s one of the most important keys to a successful system boot on a PC. qxp 16 11/3/05 9:37 PM Page 16 Part I — Meet the Modern Multimedia PC When the boot loader executes, it checks the partition table to look for an entry with the “bootable” or “active” flag set to identify where the next program to control the booting process is located. The boot loader reads the first sector of the boot partition into memory (which is known as the Boot Sector, not to be confused with the MBR) and then turns control over to the program that begins there.

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