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Each 4 years following the presidential election, the Institute of Politics at Harvard college convenes a extraordinary accumulating of crusade managers, media commentators, and political observers to mirror on presidential crusade techniques from the earliest primaries via Election Day. the result's a e-book, and the 2008 election version is released for common audiences in addition to university study rooms and crusade and media execs.

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RICK DAVIS: I think the whole idea that somehow you needed to come out with a big battleship of a campaign that was going to sort of dominate the field. The lesson we learned is it’s very hard to dominate a field and stay dominant for that long. McCain is a natural insurgent, he is only happy when he is behind and he is the best candidate when he is behind, and so it’s just a matter of who your candidate is and what they like to do when they run. I’ll tell you something that everybody here knows and that is presidential campaigns are intensely personal campaigns, unlike governors’ races, Senate races or anything else.

SYDNEY HAY: My goal was to lay out a potential strategy where lightning could strike—try to catapult Duncan Hunter, who no one thought could win, and elevate him to a second-tier candidate. From there, we went into a South Carolina strategy. We thought, with limited resources, we should focus on one place where he was perfect—a fair trader, not a free trader, in a state that’s lost textile industry overseas, for military veterans, a person of deep religious faith, the type of conservative Republican that could catch fire in South Carolina where you have small straw polls that don’t take a lot of resources to compete in versus the giant Iowa cattle call that now takes so many resources that there is no possibility for a candidate like Duncan Hunter to compete.

When I got to the campaign, I knew there was trouble. There was no campaign plan, there was no strategy and no polling had been done. This was August of 2007, five months before the Iowa caucuses. There were some personnel in place, some extremely good although our communication shop, in all honesty, had zero experience in political campaigns—not presidential campaigns but political campaigns—so we had to make changes. What we wound up doing for the whole campaign was triage. We made changes. I found out when I arrived in early August that an announcement was set for September 6.

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