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By Erin McCarthy

— Tu ne vas quand même pas te caser avec le most advantageous venu ? Tu mérites mieux !

Tamara Briggs sait bien que son amie Suzanne a raison. Veuve depuis deux ans, elle se despatched désespérément seule et fréquente sans conviction un professeur totalement dépourvu de charme. C’est vrai, elle aspire à une relation plus pimentée. Mais une selected est sûre : plus jamais elle ne sortira avec un pilote de path. Son mari a perdu l. a. vie sur un circuit car, et même si elle adore ce recreation, elle en a fi ni avec les têtes brûlées qui défient los angeles mort au volant.

Enfin ça, c’était avant de rencontrer Elec...

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Suddenly Michael pulled back and I could see the desire flaming in his eyes. His normally clear blue eyes now looked as as if they were about to turn red. He dropped his crutches and held on to the kitchen counter then with his voice gruff, he tapped on the white marble top. “Take off your jeans and sit that tight, little butt up here,” he commanded. Tight little butt? Did that mean that he liked it? By this time, however, I was totally in. I was beyond the point of no return and there was no more holding out for me, no going back.

I closed my eyes and let my hands find their way around his neck. My tongue slowly ventured into his mouth and started to explore that sweet-sour taste. I wanted more. Suddenly, his other hand started creeping up my leg and that snapped me back to reality in a jiffy. I quickly pushed myself off of him and sat back on my seat, my head leaning back on the headrest. He looked at me, a slight confused look on his face then he smiled and leaned back on his seat. I turned away from him and started the engine.

Would I get an STD or something? I knew the anxiousness of waiting, of not knowing would just about kill me. But then if I went back to Dirty Fingernails' house, who the hell knew what was going to happen there? I leaned forward and buried my head in my lap. I was torn, confused and desperate. What the hell was I going to do now? After what seemed like forever, I raised my head up and reached for my cell phone. Maybe my girlfriend━the one who I’d gone to the birthday party with last night━could tell me what had happened.

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