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The satan offers George Cannon limitless libido and the power to place the psychological sexual squeeze on any lady, in go back for George's promise to seduce virgins basically, and therefore support refill Hades. yet George can't withstand older, more matured women…

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5). Lawrence is jabbing here at the new notion of individual freedom for women as well as men. So-called 舠freedom舡舒舠Free! That was the great word舡 (p. 5)舒is the rhetoric of the new encapsulated, uninhibited self and a kind of promiscuous sexuality that for Lawrence covers over the soul舗s isolation and deep hunger for connection through the body. If Connie is overly 舠free舡 with her sexuality so that she doesn舗t experience real feeling at all, Clifford, her husband, is literally paralyzed; his suffering in World War I has caused an evacuation of feeling, leading to more suffering, and eventually to a destructive overgrowth of ego and power.

3). From the start we know this novel is about how we ought to be going about surviving, and transforming, the cataclysm of modern life, by its social and economic upheavals. 舡 As Lawrence proceeds to fill in the reader on the separate histories of Clifford and Connie, we may notice the ironic distance of the narrator from his characters, even his lingering distaste for them. 舡 In Chapter One, the words 舠ridiculous,舡 舠ridiculously,舡 and 舠ridicule舡 occur remarkably often, some twenty times on pages 9 and 10 alone.

The reader may not agree with Lawrence舗s deep belief in the authority of bodily knowledge and the feeling that comes from it. His philosophy is not persuasive to all, and to some only in part, while his narratives often refuse the plot development and 舠happy ending舡 that makes the traditional novel so satisfying to read. We do not know at the conclusion of Lady Chatterley舗s Lover whether or not Connie Chatterley and her lover will have a 舠real舡 marriage of passion or find a community to nurture that passion.

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