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By Félix Guattari, Antonio Negri

Politics after the autumn.

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A work which no longer is crystallized in the form of private property, which does not con­ sider the instruments of production as ends in themselves, but as means for attaining the happiness of singularity and its expansion in machinic rhizomes - abstract and/or con­ crete. A work which refuses hierarchical com­ mand and which in doing so poses the prob­ lem of power, clarifies the functions of de­ ception and exploitation in society, and re­ fuses all compromise, all mediation between its own existence and productivity.

The word "commu­ nism" has clearly been defaced, but the word democracy itself has been trashed and muti­ lated. From the Greek polis to the popular uprisings of the Renaissance and Reforma­ tion, from the proletarian rebellions that co­ existed with the great liberal revolutions, democracy has always been synonymous with the legitimation of power through the people. This legitimation, always concrete, punctual, material, took specific forms, breaking away from a divine or absolute tradition. With democracy, legitimacy is pri­ marily human, spatially and temporally de­ fined.

Truth "with a universal meaning" is constituted by the discovery of the friend in its singularity, of the other in its irreducible heterogeneity, of the interdepend­ ent community in the respect for its appro­ priate values and ends. This is the "method" and the "logic" of the marginalities which are thus the exemplary sign of a political innovation corresponding to the revolution­ ary transformations called forth by the cur­ rent productive arrangements. CoMMUNISTS LII

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