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By Francis Edward Abernethy, Texas Folklore Society

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It is a swarm of ships and boats of all sizes and bells ringing and whistles blowing and buying and selling and drinking and whoring. Huge rafts of four-five-six-foot in diameter logs, a mile wide and too far to see, were chained into islands, after having been towed down from the scraped interior. We caught a large river boat and bought space on the upper deck. We each had a six-by-three area, furnished with a much used straw-tick mattress and a pillow. It was quite comfortable and relatively exclusive.

The Burmese puppets were three dimensional, and twenty-four inches tall, more or less, and were operated from above by strings. Javanese puppets, called wayang, were of three kinds: regular puppets controlled from above by strings, stick puppets controlled from below with sticks, and shadow puppets, which were flat and controlled by sticks. The museum also had Batak puppets, which are life-size and are operated from below with sticks. A folktale relates that a woman of the island of Samosir in Lake Toba, Sumatra, lost her husband.

His personal papers and artifacts are at least of equal interest and in some cases are revelatory. What follows is an outline of the major sections of the collection, focusing on what Wittliff bought at the Dobie estate sale. Page 12 Book Manuscripts 1. Cow People: Drafts of the Contents, Dedication, Introduction, Note on Sources, and ten chapters. Typed with handwritten additions and corrections. 2. Out of the Old Rock: Nine pages of preliminary notes by Bertha Dobie, including a list of possible Dobie essays and three typescripts of the book, the first and second containing essays later eliminated.

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