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By Valery Alexeev, Arnaud Beauville, C. Herbert Clemens, Elham Izadi

This ebook is dedicated to contemporary development within the research of curves and abelian forms. It discusses either classical facets of this deep and gorgeous topic in addition to very important new advancements, tropical geometry and the speculation of log schemes. as well as unique study articles, this publication includes 3 surveys dedicated to singularities of theta divisors, of compactified Jacobians of singular curves, and of ""strange duality"" between moduli areas of vector bundles on algebraic types

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If ~ < fl < 1, we may also write E(vls,/) = E(vls~;) + E(Vls,~\s;). Since the energy of ue on S'~ \ S'~ again is bounded from below by the corresponding one of v up to some additive constant c4, we obtain from the energy minimizing property of u~ E(~I~,) _< E(v~ls~,) + ~, with c5 independent of 5 (but not of r]). Thus, the energy of u~ on S~ for fixed 7] > 5 is bounded independently of ~. Therefore, as d --~ 0, some subsequence of u~ converges on S~' to a harmonic map, using standard estimates for harmonic maps (see [H3]).

2 Let Y be a complete, simply connected, locally compact space of nonpositive curvature with isometry group I(Y). Let F be a group, p : P -+ I(Y) a homomorphism. e. is not contained in a parabolic subgroup of the isometry group of Z'. In geometric terms, this means t h a t there does not exist an unbounded sequence (Yn)neN C Z' with dist(yn, 7(Yn)) --< C(7) for all 7 E p(F), with a constant depending on y, but not on n. Note that any semisimple representation is reductive. For simplicity of notation, we shall consider u in the sequel as a m a p from X into N := y / p ( ~ l ( x ) ) , although N may be singular.

Since u has finite energy, almost all such restrictions need to have finite energy, and as in [JY2, p. 302] we then see that in fact all of them do. Case 1. Suppose that z0 C D ~ lies in the smooth part of Do~. Therefore, estimates for u follow from estimates for finite energy harmonic maps h: D*-+ N where D* -- {z C C : 0 < [z I < 1} is the punctured uinit disk, and N is a R i e m mannian manifold of nonpositive sectional curvature. In the sequel, D* will always be equipped with the Euclidean metric of C, and (r, 9~) will be standard polar coordinates.

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