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By Elisa Adams

Moment at the hours of darkness grants sequence confronted with a killer vampire and an opportunity assembly with a stranger who leaves her nervous and aroused in equivalent measures, Ellie is compelled to question every thing her upbringing has taught her together with the idea that absolute evil does not exist. bored to death with lukewarm relationships that cross nowhere, spending a couple of scorching nights in Eric's mattress sounds like the right resolution till she reveals out the reality approximately what Eric is...and how it will impact the remainder of her lifestyles.

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Her nipples beaded and her clit ached, the wind teasing her every nerve. She felt stripped bare—lust and mortification mixing equally within her. He slammed into her hard, rocking her body forward. The rough ground bit into her knees and palms, but she didn’t want him to stop. She never wanted it to end. 32 Demonic Obsession All too soon, her body exploded in climax, her cunt clenching around his thrusting cock. She screamed her release, the sound echoing across the night. Starlight burst out all around her just before her world went black.

It was still dark outside, but it wouldn’t be for long. Now would be a perfect time for a jog. She ran her usual route, a giant circle around the back roads that took her a little over an hour to complete. The humidity that hung in the air made the run more difficult than usual, and by the time she turned the corner toward home, her legs felt full of cement and her lungs burned. But her mind had cleared, allowing her to step back and look at things calmly. She had a feeling she’d need that mental clarity in the days to come.

He begged her with his gaze to open up to him, to let him into her trust and her bed. The sensual promise in those eyes made her weak. Her body shut down the sensibilities of her mind, not giving her the chance to back away. ” he asked, his brows rising in offering. His stance shifted in an obvious attempt to look unthreatening as a grin broke out over his face. He had her, and he knew it. She shook her head in resignation, frowning at him. “Not yet. ” With Todd, she’d made the mistake of not trusting her instincts.

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