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By Ian Bogost

“Play Anything is little short of brilliant... i'll be recommending this provocative and pleasing publication to all people I know.” --Jane McGonigal, bestselling writer of Reality is Broken and SuperBetter

Life is dull: packed with conferences and site visitors, errands and emails. not anything we would ever name fun. yet what if we have now gotten enjoyable flawed? In Play Anything, visionary online game fashion designer and thinker Ian Bogost indicates how we will be able to triumph over our day-by-day anxiousness; reworking the uninteresting, traditional global round us into one in all never-ending, playful possibilities.

The key to this playful frame of mind lies in getting to know the key fact of enjoyable and video games. Play Anything, unearths that video games entice us no longer simply because they're enjoyable, yet simply because they set limitations. football would not be football if it wasn't composed of 2 groups of 11 avid gamers utilizing in simple terms their ft, heads, and torsos to get a ball right into a aim; Tetris would not be Tetris with no falling items in attribute shapes. Such principles appear unnecessary, arbitrary, and tough. but it's the boundaries that make video games relaxing, similar to it is the not easy issues in lifestyles that provide it meaning.

Play is what occurs once we accept those obstacles, slim our concentration, and, for that reason, rejoice. that is additionally tips on how to reside an outstanding existence. Manipulating a football ball right into a aim is not any diversified than treating traditional situations— like grocery purchasing, garden mowing, and making PowerPoints—as assets for which means and pleasure. we will “play something” via filling our days with cognizance and self-discipline, devotion and love for the area because it particularly is, past our wants and fears.

Ranging from net tradition to ethical philosophy, historical poetry to trendy consumerism, Bogost exhibits us how present day chaotic international can basically be tamed—and enjoyed—when we first impose obstacles on ourselves.

"An crucial learn for these trying to know the way a brand new concept of play will be optimistic for our lives."--Library Journal (STARRED review)

“Play Anything is a profound ebook: either a notable review of our present cultural panorama, and while a sensible self-improvement advisor, instructing us the virtues of a existence lived playfully.” --Steven Johnson, writer of How We acquired To Now and Everything undesirable is nice For You

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You load the dishwasher by the special method you have devised to fit all the short glasses under and atop the folding shelf so as to free up more space for larger glasses and bowls. And then you hide your deployment of said strategy from your spouse, who has no patience for overstuffing the appliance and thereby causing it to clean less effectively. The next step: to take hold of these tiny moments and to expand them into long-term commitments. Take coffee. You forego the one-button pod-style coffee brewer for a manual or semiautomatic machine steeped in tradition and history rather than waste and commerce.

September 11 and the amorphous war on terror that follows it without end; the global economic collapse of 2008 and its subsequent era of precarity, austerity, and inequality; the ever-accelerating drive toward consumerism despite that precarity, and the associated guilty or ascetic backlash; the boundless sea of entertainment on television and Netflix and social media and apps and websites, all scrabbling for a tiny crumb of our attention. The conditions are ripe for fear. But we have allowed that fear to overtake all other drives.

It’s just hard to see what it is. This book offers a perspective on how to live in a world far bigger than our bodies, minds, hopes, and dreams, and how to do it with pleasure and gratitude. I approach that topic through the lenses of game design and philosophy—and psychology, anthropology, science, art, design, entertainment, computing, and literature. The lesson that games can teach us is simple. Games aren’t appealing because they are fun, but because they are limited. Because they erect boundaries.

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