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By Sandra L. Beckett

Complementing Beckett's past books reading pink using Hoods, this quantity offers the tales that have been the foundation of her examine in all their number of content material, beginning, and style.

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42 chapter 1 children, are taught to be quiet and well-behaved, so shouting is not customary behavior. The author expresses her intention in the following manner: “This book seeks to show the evolution of a child: becoming courageous and managing to think in order to (re)act. ” At the first encounter, Little Red Riding Hood merely remembers what her mother told her, whereas at the second, she is also able to perceive the danger, to reflect, and to react. She seems to sense instinctively that the Frog Prince’s intentions are malicious.

He was condemned to be hung head and legs upside down.  . Grandmama came out, in a sorry state. But, by dint of tenderness, care, and cuddles, they eventually consoled her. Instead of keeping the incident secret, everyone decided to talk about it, so that it would never happen again. That’s why, since that time, in the Cité des Bergeries, life has resumed with its joys and its sorrows. Cautionary Tales for Modern Riding Hoods 39 Pooh! How Did She Know? The Story of a Little Red Riding Hood Who Escaped from Her Abductors (Ches!

In the poetic text and accompanying drawings, Hofman adopts a psychological approach to the tale of Snow White to examine the nightmare side of childhood experience. A common theme in Hofman’s work is the powerlessness and vulnerability of children, who are often depicted as the helpless victims of adults. It is therefore not surprising that he has been repeatedly drawn to the story of Little Red Riding Hood in his writing and his art. He has reworked the tale several times in a variety of formats and mediums to explore the dark side of childhood.

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