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By Ana Cavalli, Amardeo Sarma

As Cavalli and Sarma astutely remarked within the creation to this quantity, it really is relatively impressive that SDL '97 can have the 1st player more youthful than SDL itself. SDL '97 offers the chance to mirror the path SDL has taken and why it's been profitable over 20 years the place different languages addressing an analogous marketplace have failed.SDL now additionally has an enduring significant other in MSC (Message series Charts). MSC at the present time is a language in its personal correct and has its components of program either at the side of SDL and independently or together with different suggestions. MSC has powerful structuring techniques to specify message sequences for big platforms and will be used to advance situations, that's tremendous important for try and layout environments. The SDL discussion board this day quite is the SDL and MSC discussion board.

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SDL '97: Time for Testing

As Cavalli and Sarma astutely remarked within the advent to this quantity, it's particularly extraordinary that SDL '97 could have the 1st player more youthful than SDL itself. SDL '97 presents the chance to mirror the path SDL has taken and why it's been profitable over twenty years the place different languages addressing a similar industry have failed.

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Aagesen, A Distributed SDL-based Intelligent Network Laboratory, Seventh SDL Forum Conf. , Oslo, September 26-29 1995. 9. ITU Rec. I. 130, Method for the characterization of Telecommunication Services supported by an ISDN and network capabilities of an ISDN, Blue Book, Geneva 1989. 10. Modeas, G. Nikolaidis, E. Zervas, Handover Switching Scenarios in UMTS, International Workshop on Mobile Communications, September 19-20, 1996, Thessaloniki, Greece. 11. MoNet Deliverable R2066/RMR/UNA2/DS/P/107/a3, Recommendations of UMTS Integration Scenarios in the B-ISDN Backbone, 31/12/1995.

Model 1: Network of SDL systems In the first approach network nodes are modeled as SDL systems. An implementation of this approach has been used in [1] and [2]. With a simulation tool (SDT) these SDL systems (each representing one node) are implemented as separate UNIX processes. The internodal network communication is realized outside SDL also in a separate UNIX process dealing with all the links and implementing some basic link properties (delay, availability). The SDL systems, which are representing network nodes are interconnected via a non-SDL communication process implementing the network links.

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