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By Steven H. Miles

This enticing publication examines what the Hippocratic Oath intended to Greek physicians 2400 years in the past and displays on its relevance to clinical ethics this day. Drawing at the writings of historical physicians, Greek playwrights, and sleek students, every one bankruptcy explores one among its passages and concludes with a latest case dialogue. The Oath proposes rules governing the connection among the health care professional and society and sufferers. It ideas out using poison and a dangerous abortive strategy. It defines integrity and restraint in physicians' speech. the traditional Greek clinical works written in the course of the similar interval because the Oath demonstrate that Greek physicians understood they'd an obligation to prevent scientific error and study from undesirable results. those works confirmed how and why to inform sufferers approximately their illnesses and dire prognoses so as to strengthen a partnership for therapeutic and to construct the credibility of the occupation. Miles makes use of those writings to light up the that means of the Oath in its day and in so doing exhibits how and why it continues to be a priceless consultant to the moral perform of medication. it is a publication for a person who loves drugs and is worried concerning the ethics and historical past of this career

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Things that do not great harm and are easily got, such as a cold drink when it is needed. Manner of entrance, conversation. " 3 TEACHERS . . [T]O REGARD HIM WHO HAS TAUGHT ME THIS TECHNE1 (ART AND SCIENCE) AS EQUAL TO MY PARENTS, AND TO SHARE, IN PARTNERSHIP, MY LIVELIHOOD WITH HIM AND TO GIVE HIM A SHARE WHEN HE IS IN NEED OF NECESSITIES.... This passage extends the lineage, inserts the physician into that family, and defines the first of two familial obligations of physicians to this house of medicine.

In Notes (Sophocles [1984] 274). Athenian law required people to support their parents. 3. Biographies of Hippocrates may be found in Jouanna 3-54, Lloyd [1979] 960, Carella 228-30, Temkin 52-75, Joly R. "Hippocrates of Cos" (in Gillespie 41831). 4. Homer. Iliad 11:831-5. 5. Smith 1990. 6. Jouanna 181-291. 7. Temkin 4-7, 72-5, 118-25, 183-96. 8. Temkin op cit; Kibre P. Hippocratic writings in the Middle Ages. Bull Hist Med 1945:371-412 (esp 372). 9. Nutton B. What's in an Oath? J R Coll Physicians of Lond 1995;6:518-24.

7. The Apollonian-Asclepian ancestry of Hippocrates causes a fair amount of confusion. Some people mistakenly believe that the Oath is a priestly oath or that the Hippocratic School was a temple-based healing cult. Asclepian physicians were priestly healers who claimed to be descendents of Asclepius (Aleshire). They were affiliated with temples to Asclepius and they healed by prayer, sacrifice, divination, and naturo- 24 PHYSICIAN, WHO ARE YOU? pathic cures. By virtue of his descent through Podalirius, Hippocrates was an Asclepian physician and would have had the privilege to practice in the temples (Joanna 34-35, 45-50).

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