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By Chloe Cox

Occasionally a highborn woman has to be introduced low...

It's the decadent, raunchy vacation of Bacchanal, and the woman Lucrezia Grimaldi can't discover a guy to meet her. Worse, she's been saddled with the brutish Carlo Castellan as her bodyguard for the final evening of Bacchanal. There's just one factor to do: break out to the fabled condo of the Severille...

The imperious girl Lucrezia expects to sate herself through dominating a few negative residence slave. What she will get in its place is the tough contact of a Severille grasp who will cease at not anything to make the woman submit.

The girl Submits is a 12,000 note erotic historic fable novelette that includes robust BDSM subject matters. should you don't like bondage, leashes, public exhibit and humiliation, or alpha male doms who brook no dissent, then this most likely isn't for you. Otherwise...enjoy. ;)

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